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SK Development Company offers premium business class and economy class cottage settlements. Dukhanino-2 cottage settlement is one of the best known projects developed by the Company.

Premium offer
Premium settlement containing 4 houses in the CHALET style near Agalarov Estate settlement.
Price: from 30,000,000 rubles
Business-class house
Residential settlement with a functioning infrastructure.
Price: from 7,000,000 rubles SALE!!! 
Original project
Exclusive settlement with a unique infrastructure.
Price: from 9,500,000 rubles
Unity with nature
Residential settlement in the forest 
Price: from 8,000,000 rubles SALE!!!
Economy class house
Cottage settlement with ready-to-use houses that fit every taste.
Price: from 6,200,000 rubles

SK Development Company offers premium business and economy class cottage settlements. Dukhanino-2 is one of the best known projects of the company. Choosing real estate is an important step that deserves the closest attention. The modern real estate market offers a variety of options depending on the geographical location, infrastructure development and comfort level. Over the last years, purchasing country property has been gaining a lot of prestige. That’s exactly why the demand for ready-to-use cottages has been growing so dynamically. Novorizhskoye highway is one of the most popular directions in Moscow region where the development of premium real estate has been extremely active.

Novorizhskoye highway can be considered one of the most popular locations for building cottage settlements in Moscow region. The active development of the territory is based on two important factors: ecological purity and convenient transportation to and from the capital. Novorizhskoye highway is a modern high speed route with several traffic lanes and no traffic lights. Thanks to this beneficial combination of eco-friendliness and convenience the cottage settlements here have earned the premium status.

Selling ready-to-use cottages located on the territory of Moscow region is the main field of activity of SK Development which is a leading company in the country real estate market. Our specialists are involved in the active construction work in the region of Novaya Riga as the demand for the property here is extremely high.

The residential settlements we build ideally fit into the natural landscape and satisfy the strictest requirements concerning the level of comfort and safety.

This is interesting

Cottage settlement along Pyatanitskoye highway will become a perfect choice for those who work in the sphere of high technologies. The P11 route has four entry points to Zelenograd which is considered one of the main scientific and industrial centers of Russian micro electronics. No wonder it is called Soviet silicon valley.

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