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Cottages and land lots left today: 129 / sold: 342 / booked: 4


Reasons why we chose Dukhanino-2

  • high degree of commitment;
  • good neighborhood;
  • beautiful forest surrounding the settlement from three sides, plus there are no settlements or buildings around;
  • nice houses and a possibility to make an enclosed court;
  • strong management team which you meet at the time of making your purchase. That gives you hope that the team will manage the settlement just as well as they did the selling part, and these hopes are already starting to fulfill;
  • an overall feeling of the settlement being very classy. This feeling is created with lots of little details: stylish entrances and house fences, clear layout of the settlement, wide accurate roads etc.

Yulia Yaschenko, 4th round of Dukhanino-2 project


All decisions are made quickly

We were among the first people who bought a cottage in the settlement. And I am happy to say we never regretted our purchase. The settlement is stylish, beautiful, with a comfortable entrance and a wonderful forest around. Of course there are problems, but the staff solves them quickly and in a kind manner. We would like say special thanks to Roman Trunov, customer relations manager!

Olga, 3rd round of Dukhanino-2 project


A timely project

Its very important for me that Dukhanino-2 settlement is surrounded by a forest on 3 sides. It has a very favourable location. The settlement is located far from summer cottages, residential communities and central routes. The architectural style of the cottages is democratic and functional, which is very important for me at the moment. What I love most about this project is big panoramic windows that make the hall on the ground floor full of light and space.

Olga, 3rd round of Dukhanino-2 project


Reasons why we chose Dukhanino-2 project

  • We liked the location of the settlement
  • We wanted a laminated log home
  • A pretty good layout of the 258 m2 house, especially of the 2nd floor
  • A fairly big land lot
  • The price of the land lot and the cottage matches their quality (the only thing we are sorry about is that any changes in the project, no matter how large or small, bring substantial extra costs)
  • We were pleasantly surprised with the good roads on the territory of the settlement, given the fact that the construction process is not finished.
  • We really like the fact that the team is highly competent, cheerful and willing to help in solving any issues.

So the desires and dreams of each member of our big family have been fulfilled here.

Tatiana Yakhinson, 4th round of the Dukhanino-2 project



Si vous habitez a Moscou et vous etes fatiguez de l'environnement urbain, utilisez le moment et installez vous a 45 km. de Moscou, dans les environs d'Istra , une petite ville , reputee par ses paysages, lacs et rivieres et ses monuments historiques et culturels. Parmi les nombreux villages, recemment construits,il faut absolument visiter" Duchanino" Les maisons modernes en bois, style - Chalet entourees par la foret. Le village est amenage , garde, avec la possibilite pour le sport, les ballades.Les deux autoroutes Nouvelle Riga et Volokolamskoye chaussee lient ce village avec Moscou.Et votre vie moscovite aura une autre qualite.

Svetlana Kovalenko - Levek, 3th round of the Dukhanino-2 project


Its important to observe the deadlines for the construction process.

Our company cooperates with many cottage settlements. Based on my own experience, I can say that it is very important to keep the terms for the construction of houses and utility hook-up. The developer of Dukhanino-2 managed to do that. We are very happy to recommend this settlement to our customers.

Pavel Bayda, MIEL Country real estate


Perfect construction option.

I have a lot of experience dealing with different cottage settlements. I use villages built by INCOM company as an assessment criterion, because INCOM is a leading developer based on both the number and the quality of construction projects in the domestic countryside real estate market. And I am sorry to say that in spite of there being a variety of offers the advertisements of different development companies doesnt always show the true picture. And the reason is not that the advertisement is deceiving, the houses in advertisements often look like they will look in future, but when a person comes to the construction site he or she sees an open field with a fence. I think many clients looking for country homes have come across such situations. Speaking about Dukhanino-2, I cant help praising the team. The settlement was built fast; all the construction terms were kept. The whole settlement has the same concept. Great attention was given to construction, finishing work, roads, communications, infrastructure and the entrance to the settlement. Thats an ideal picture that you seldom see in practice. Thanks to Dukhanino-2 development company we dont have to go feel embarrassed when taking our clients to the settlement for the first time. And the main thing for me as a real estate agent is that I dont have to feel shame before my clients who already bought houses in this settlement.

Marina Kiba, INCOMs expert in the real estate market