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Novorizhskoye, Volokolamskoye, Pyatnitskoye, Leningradskoye, Kievskoye

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Order a house from Brusville and get 5 advantages:

  • Saving of time

  • Great neighborhood 

  • Reduction of costs 

  • Profitable investments 

  • Unique project suitable for any purposes

Facts about Brusville

  • Weve been working since 2008 

  • We specialize in constructing cottages on a turnkey basis 

  • We provide a full range of services, starting from initial idea to final implementation 

  • We give you a proposal, pleasant both in terms of price and construction terms 

  • We can offer a log kit to those clients who want to build their house by themselves 

How to choose a cottage settlement

Dukhanino and Obushkovo are premium club settlements. Only successful people who can afford such houses and paying for the developed infrastructure purchase real estate here.

Western and Kalinka are economy class settlements. They are also built near a forest or a pond, have their own infrastructure, but the price for houses is a lot more moderate here. Thats why middle class people prefer buying houses here

Brusvilles goal is to give people a chance for a comfortable life in the countryside. The company is developing, but stays fairly small in order to make sure your project will get individual attention.

Experts working in Brusville are able to understand the smallest desires of their clients. Can you imagine how many ideas each of our clients has?
All ideas are great, but its impossible to put all of them into practice within one and the same project.
What should we do in order to make a cottage comply not only with the clients perception about a house, but also with their needs? You really need to have a lot of experience with many projects in order to know what will work, and what ideas it would be better to reject.
Using the experience of our specialists, you can turn your ideal project into a comfortable house for your real family on a real land lot.

Is there a life after construction?

Many urban residents are sick and tired of living a concrete life. But do you know what is stopping them from moving into their own house?
Even if the price is affordable? And the terms are good?
Even if they have a detailed vision of their future house?
Even if the cottage is close to the city?

Its a simple question What next? We will buy a house, but it needs maintenance, we need to take good care of it. We want life to be easier after we buy a country home, but what if it turns out to be exactly the opposite? What if we end up having a ton of problems and worries that will torture us every night when we go to bed?

Our response is, Its going to be just fine! After the project is put into operation we dont leave our clients by themselves. We in Brusville solve the majority of issues connected with the operation and maintenance of the houses we build. That includes maintenance of engineering systems, doing the necessary repairs, beautification of the surrounding grounds and changing the landscape design. You will always know who to call your personal manager in Brusville!