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Sensation from Dukhanino cottage settlement

“Now you can buy popular Dukhanino homes directly from the manufacturer only for 22,000 rubles per m3, delivery in Moscow region included.

210 m2 house Ц 80 cubic meters Ц 1,760,000 rubles

250 m2 house Ц 86 cubic meters Ц 1,892,000 rubles

300 m2 house Ц 102 cubic meters Ц 2,244,000 rubles

If you need help in the construction of a housing group on your land lot, our experts can help you.

About the Company

OOO Massiv performs the added value wood processing and manufacturing laminated log houses. The products are sold in both domestic and international markets. Our partner list includes leading construction companies in Russia and woodworking enterprises in a few European countries (Poland, Sweden, Baltic countries).

Here are the main milestones in the company history:

2003 Ц foundation of the company.

Location: Kostroma region, Neya city (560 km from Moscow).

A new lumber factory was built on the land lot of more than 3 ha of space. The factory was equipped with modern log-processing and woodworking equipment made by the best national and foreign manufacturers. Thanks to the drying facility created on the premises of the lumber factory the company was able to make products that comply with the European quality standards. The factory specialized in producing a wide range of birch lamellas of different sizes and humidity.

2006 Ц expanding the range of the products.

Lengthening lamellas line with a hidden mini tenon was launched, the production of wall laminated log made of softwood started.

2007 Ц OOO Massiv started producing softwood beam, birch parquet board and furniture board imitations.

2008 Ц AutoBlox system adds to the technological arsenal of the company. The system is used for the production of laminated log and softwood laminated veneer lumber house kits.

2012 Ц EUROBLOX system and wood board lengthening line are added to the equipment stock of the company. Manufacturing new line of products started which was making laminated log kits up to 12 meters in length.

Production capacities of the Massiv Company and its volume of output can be presented by the following numbers:

Production facilities Ц 2100 m2

Number of employees Ц 50 people

General kiln loading space Ц 250 m3

Single loading of the log collection point Ц 20,000 m3

Annual product volume:

Laminated log kits Ц 4,000 m3

Birch parquet Ц 4,000 m3